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Here be some musical treasure

Some bands to look into and some super-useful websites.

Brobdingnagian Bards' Celtic Lyric Directory - Delicious lyrics for all occasions
Cantaria: The Bards - List of artists with links to lyrics and song samples
Ireland First! Irish Song Lyrics Archive - Mostly lyrics, MIDIs attached to some
Lesley Nelson's Folk Music - Largest lyric and MIDI database I've found thus far

Arrr! - Brown University's pirate acapella group. What they lack in technical ability they make up for with sheer enthusiasm
Atwater-Donnelly - Husband-wife duet out of Rhode Island with some gorgeous harmonies
Blackmore's Night - Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple decides to make Renaissance-style music with his wife Candice Night. It is a good thing
Clan Du - New England celtic rock with some gorgeous renditions of traditional tunes
Flogging Molly - Rollicking punk madness. Most of their songs have very modern lyrics but some ('Devil's Dance Floor' for example), with some editing, are definitely LARP-worthy
Gaelic Storm - One of the greatest names in the celtic music world. Nuff said.
Great Big Sea - Newfoundland folk rock, both traditional and self-written
Inkubus Sukkubus - Neo-pagan folk music, lots of songs about faeries and magic
The Irish Rovers - Originally Canadian and now world-famous, traditional and original tunes
Jason Webley - Accordion-playing gypsy pirate; endlessly, delightfully bizarre
The Jolly Rogers - Pirate band originally from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, also featured on the Cantaria website
Luminescent Orchestrii - New York-based band with elements of Balkan, klezmer, latin and Romanian Gypsy melodies. Some fabulous instrumental tracks
Silly Sisters - A duet comprised of folk greats Maddy Prior and June Tabor (from the late 70's, not a lot of info available)
Silly Wizard - Scottish folk group active for nearly seventeen years and responsible for "The Ramblin' Rover" among others
Voltaire - Contemporary of Jason Webley, goth gypsy punk with some fabulously funny songs about death, revenge and demon-slaying
Wood's Tea Company - More mad celtic New England folk, this time based out of Vermont



a treasure chest of music!

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